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What is Direct To Garment Printing?

What is Direct To Garment Printing - Shirtsy

What is Direct To Garment Printing?

Direct To Garment Printing - Shirtsy.netAlso known as the DTG Printing, the Direct To Garment Printing or inkjet to garment printing is the technique of printing on the garments and textiles using the modified or the specialized inkjet technology. For this, you generally need the transport mechanism for garment and need to avail the specialty ink that may be directly used on the textiles for being absorbed. This can be said to be the direct descendent of the inkjet printer. When you plan to print the T-Shirt, there are mainly two techniques, namely, the screen printing and the direct printing. The latter is comparatively new while the former is old.


What does direct to garment printing require?

This kind of printing basically needs the device which is actually the modified inkjet printer that helps in printing an image directly on the T-Shirt or any other garment. This printing method creates custom garments while offering other benefits as well. Most importantly, the garment will feel the same as if it is fresh. When you talk about the garment that has used the heat transfer technique, the garment design feels utterly different from the T-Shirt. In the direct to garment, the printing is directly done on the garment without any kind of patchwork.

Direct to garment printing: An expensive and inexpensive optionDirect To Garment Printer / Direct To Garment Printing -

Although the printing method offers a lot of benefits, it is pretty expensive. You can buy the printer at a reasonable price rate, but the ink jet cartridge may be pricey. But then, since there is a lot of competition in the market and as it is a newer technology, the price of direct to garment is falling. At present, this kind of printing is mainly meant for the smaller specialty shops where the clients are ready to pay a bit more. You can apply the technique of printing and sell the garments at expensive rates. One will surely appreciate the high quality printing upon the vibrant colors. For the low quantity orders, this is the perfect printing technique.

What kind of garments can be used with direct to garment printers?

The kind of printing technique is mainly implemented on the garments which are comprised of cotton blends or simply cotton. A superior quality polyester material may also use this technique of printing. When you are using dark color garments, you need to prepare the fabric or pre-treat the fabric to attain the desired opacity on the dark garment.

What is the cost of a Direct To Garment Printer?

If you intend to buy a DTG printer, you may have to spend around $20,000 to $750,000. There are now several options that are very inexpensive. Prices on DTG printers have come down significantly. Your purchase of the printer depends on the production quality you want to have, the volume of garments you wish to print. eben though the printer cost may be high, you save a lot of money during setup. A lot of set up time and money is needed in screen printing. The instant turnaround time was not associated with the previously used garment printing technology. Previously, T-Shirts were printed only by screen printing, but now digital printing is being used for superior quality and 3D like effect.

Why is DTG printing better than the screen printing?

The advantages that the DTG printing has, makes it better than the screen printing. The level of detailing and the color range is limited to only the printer which is being used. Even the overhead and maintenance cost of the equipment is very less. You only have to be comfortable with the DTG printing and then you will enjoy great print results. One may custom design the T-Shirt, within an hour, with the comfortable prototyping. For making the custom T-Shirt, this technique is largely suitable. The process is environment friendly when compared to the screen printing.

Direct To Garment Printing makes use of water-based inks. Waste only comes in the form of print head cleaning, but then the head cleaning does not involve anything else apart from the ink. Hence, the digital printing, which directly prints to the cotton based fabric, is far superior to the screen printing.

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